Daniel Ansari

Dr. Daniel Ansari

Numbers & Math
Numerical Cognition Laboratory

Laura Batterink

Dr. Laura Batterink

Learning and Language
Learning and Language Lab

Blake Butler

Dr. Blake Butler

Sensory Systems (e.g. Hearing)
Neuroplasticity in Sensory Systems Lab

Jody Culham

Dr. Jody Culham

Actions and Real-World Imaging
Culham Lab

Jorn Diedrichsen

Dr. Jörn Diedrichsen

Motor Control & Computational Neuroscience
Motor Control Group

Emma Duerden

Dr. Emma Duerden

Brain Development
Developing Brain

Mel Goodale

Dr. Mel Goodale

Visual Perception & Visually Guided Actions
Goodale Lab

Jessica Grahn

Dr. Jessica Grahn

Neuroscience of Music
Music and Neuroscience Lab

Elizabeth Hayden

Dr. Elizabeth Hayden

Personality & Emotion
Personality and Emotion Development Lab

Marc Joanisse

Dr. Marc Joanisse

Language & Reading

Ingrid Johnsrude

Dr. Ingrid Johnsrude

Communication & Hearing

Stefan Köhler

Dr. Stefan Köhler

Köhler Memory Lab

Penny MacDonald

Dr. Penny MacDonald

Movement Disorders (e.g. Parkinson's Disease)
MacDonald Lab

Sarah Morrow

Dr. Sarah Morrow

Neurological Disorders

Michelle Motolla

Dr. Michelle Motolla

Exercise and Pregnancy
The Exercise and Pregnancy Laboratory

Lindsay Nagamatsu

Dr. Lindsay Nagamatsu

Exercise, Mobility & Brain Health
Lindsay Nagamatsu

Adrian Owen

Dr. Adrian Owen

Cognitive Function, Conciousness, Brain Injury
Owen Lab

David Purcell

Dr. David Purcell

Speech, Auditory Feedback & Evoked Responses