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OurBrainsCAN, the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Registry at the University of Western Ontario, was developed as a resource to help researchers achieve recruitment goals for successful completion of research studies. This online database will allow potential participants to search for studies of interest to them and sign up to become part of our pool of potential participants.

BrainsCAN endeavors to deliver evidence-based assessments and interventions for the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders; seeking answers to fundamental aspects of how we learn, think, move and communicate. 

OurBrainsCAN was created to facilitate recruitment and enrollment of research participants living in the community for BrainsCAN research projects. Researchers seeking support to promote a study that requires research participants must submit a request through the “OurBrainsCAN Application”. Once a request has been approved the study personnel will get OurBrainsCAN accounts.

The BrainsCAN research coordinators will support the recruitment process by:

  • Posting information about the research study seeking participants on OurBrainsCAN website,
  • Providing lists of potential participants to the study coordinator,
  • Promoting the study using material provided by the researcher at relevant community and academic local events, and
  • Advertising the study in public places, by liaising with community partners, and through other communications, including social media. 


Eligibility of Requests:

  • Studies must align with BrainsCAN's mandate to increase our understanding of higher brain functions — in health and disease — across the lifespan.
  • Studies must be approved by Western's Research Ethics Boards (REB) and, if required, by Lawson*. Documentation demonstrating approval(s) is required for the application to be considered.


To get access to OurBrainsCAN:

Please complete and submit the “OurBrainsCAN Application” for each study and send us copies of:

  • Current REB approval letter
  • Approved recruitment materials


For studies that require Lawson* approval also:

  • Lawson approval letter


Once your application is approved we will guide you through REB amendments that may be required. 

The PI is responsible of keeping current a list of all individuals working on study (PI, co-investigators, trainees, etc.) with copies of their:


Obligations of OurBrainsCAN users:

  1. You acknowledge that you will maintain REB approval and, if appropriate, Lawson and sponsor approval to use OurBrainsCAN for the duration of the study.
  2. All study staff must maintain and update their training as required throughout the study.
  3. You will use the registry to update the enrollment status of all participants referred to your study. You will promptly notify the BrainsCAN research coordinators of any participant who no longer wishes to be part of the registry.
  4. You will notify the BrainsCAN research coordinators when a study has either met the recruitment goal or has stopped or delayed recruitment for any reason.
  5. You will inform the research coordinators when recruitment for this study has closed so that the information can be removed.
  6. You will include provided language in your Letter of Information and Consent Form to allow all participants in your study to opt-in to the research registry.
  7. If the research is published, you will provide the PDF of the article to the BrainsCAN research coordinators and a summary of the findings will be shared on the OurBrainsCAN website updates.


OurBrainsCAN Researcher Application


If you have any questions about the registry, or would like more information, please contact:

Dr. Laura Gonzalez, Community Research Coordinator
Phone: 519-661-2111 x88297


Studies need Lawson Approval if they meet AT LEAST ONE of the following criteria:

  • The PI or a member of the research team will rely on their hospital professional staff credentials to conduct the research.
  • Investigators and/or study staff participate from the sites listed below.
  • Your study uses any resources (e.g. funding, data, facilities, computers/servers, services, and space), hospital staff or patients, biospecimens, or data from any of the sites listed below.


London Health Sciences Centre

Adult Eating Disorder Service (Riverview)
Byron Family Medical Centre
Children’s Hospital
Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine
Kidney Care Centre (Westmount)
London Regional Cancer Program (LRCP)
Southwestern Ontario Regional Base Hospital Program
Stroke Prevention & Atherosclerosis Research
University Hospital (UH)
Victoria Family Medical Centre
Victoria Hospital (VH)

St. Joseph’s Health Care London

St. Joseph's Hospital
Parkwood Institute – Main Building
Parkwood Institute - Mental Health Care
Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care
St. Joseph’s Family Medical and Dental Centre
Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care





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