BrainsCAN is a neuroscience research initiative funded by the Government of Canada (through the Canada First Research Excellence Fund) that aims to transform the way brain diseases and disorders are understood, diagnosed and treated. Through this initiative, the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Registry at Western University: OurBrainsCAN was established.

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What is OurBrainsCAN?

OurBrainsCAN was developed as a central participant registration website for cognitive research at Western University. The goal of OurBrainsCAN is to establish a registry of potential participants for health-related research.

Many research groups at Western study cognitive functions like learning, memory, perception, attention and language in children and adults. These studies teach us how the brain works. They provide crucial information that may allow researchers to develop novel therapies for brain and mental disorders, as well as more sensitive tests so disorders can be identified and treated sooner. Through the registry, researchers recruit participants for individual studies on cognitive functions. OurBrainsCAN makes the process of matching participants to a study easy. 

Volunteers are key partners in this research: without you, this essential work can’t happen. 

Join the registry and help Western researchers transform the way brain diseases and disorders are understood, diagnosed and treated. 

OurBrainsCAN was developed by BrainsCAN, Western's neuroscience research initiative. 


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